While on the road you may find cooking to be a bit of a challenge. Do not fret dear friend there are plenty nutritious and yummy meals that can make your outdoor campsite cooking experience a delicious culinary treat.

I aim to share with you some easy & simple recipes that can be cooked on a camping stove, over a fire pit, BBQ grill, or in your RV that will have your travel companions saying a blessing over the food twice.

The goal is to keep things simple. After all you cannot travel with your entire stock as you would in a regular apartment or home. An RV or tiny home may give you a bit of an advantage however the limited storage space and cooking surface is still going to present some sort of challenge.

That being said on my written and video contents I’ll be sharing all my favorite tricks and tips to make it a breeze.

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Please see below Quick and easy Camping Breakfast

The Everything camping breakfast packet

What you’ll need:
Aluminum foil
Pepper (green or red)
Breakfast Meat of choice (Mine is Beef bacon)
Everything bagel seasoning.

(Substitute vegetarian products where you find it necessary )

In a square sheet  of aluminum foil add diced onions, potatoes (dice potatoes real small), peppers and butter. Sprinkle everything seasoning to your liking add one egg and one piece of the breakfast meat to each packet and cook over grill, or fire pit for 10 min each side. Open your packet and enjoy. Yum Yum Thank you lord!